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English for Beginners

Our beginner courses are aimed, developed and engineered to make you speak and understand native speakers as well and as soon as possible.

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Through our own experience, we have devised our own methodology for full retention and production of the language.

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Courses with our native teachers will bring you the knowledge and confidence in English you have always been looking for.

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эффективные курсы английского языка в Санкт-ПетербургеWe offer effective English Language lessons in St. Petersburg, Russia. English Connection is the newest and finest English Language Center in St. Petersburg.

At English Connection, we want to provide the finest English Language Center for our students. We are dedicated to providing our students with a comfortable learning environment, easily accessible learning materials and a methodological approach based on the latest teaching techniques.

We combine different methods, the latest scientific research and our professional intuition to make English lessons more productive for each of our students. Our goal is to inspire our students with carefully selected educational material. Based on this, we select teachers, prepare a program of courses and teach each individual class. That is our approach.

We understand that the English language is one just part of your busy life. For many, this is the part which requires the most  development. To help you, our center connects you with English in both St. Petersburg and around the world.

We use a variety of social networks, events at our center and activies around the city to give you a real way to use English. We want to expand your experience beyond the classroom. We strive to ensure that you can apply the acquired knowledge in English Connection in personal life and in the professional sphere.

We have a passion for teaching, a passion for St. Petersburg, and a passion for connecting our students with their future.

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